Bard to Death

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Micro Story #1 | The Last Lake House

In our first Micro Story, we share a story from one of our listeners, Ryan Smith, who also tried to write a screenplay with a friend. Have a story you'd like to share? Email it to us at

Ep. 13 | The Cinema Series #3: “Let’s hear it for Heath!”

Ryan shares his top 5 movie-going experiences.

Ep. 11 | The Cinema Series #1: “Benjamin and BEN”

We’re kicking off 2019 with The Cinema Series: a collection of four personal stories about movies. In this first story, Ryan tells about the time he and Kollin wrote a screenplay.

Ep. 9 | “Merry Christmas! Also, what’s up with your shirts?”

Kollin tells a story about seeing a movie with his family on Christmas Day, 2013.

Ep. 8 | “She might have been a con artist.”

Ryan tells a story about traveling to Warsaw.

Ep. 7 | “I’m on cloud 9, trying for cloud 10.”

Kollin tells a story about playing a show with one of his idols.  

Ep. 6 | “Iceberg lettuce, straight ahead!”

Ryan tells a story about playing bar trivia.

Ep. 5 | “Our mom told us to pick you up.”

Kollin and Ryan tell a joint story about becoming friends.

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