Bard to Death

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Micro Story #6 | “Don’t go to the movies with my mom.”

Guest Bard Ryan Chandler tells a story about a family trip to the movies.

Ep. 18 | “Close encounters of the bird kind.”

Kollin tells a story about coming face to beak with a bird.

Micro Story #5 | “Prime Fort Building Territory”

Guest Bard Anna Rich joins Ryan to tell a story about building forts.

Ep. 17 | “The only way out is up.”

Ryan tells a story about the Pacific ocean at high tide.

Micro Story #4 | “The Splashtown Hero”

Guest Bard Nathan Culver tells a story about delaying a school field trip for a friend. 

Ep. 16 | “They were called pen shooters.”

Kollin tells a story about getting Saturday detention.

Micro Story #3 | “The Brownie Man”

Guest Bard Shawn Maier tells a story about random gifts showing up on his porch in college.

Ep. 15 | “I’m DTG - down to ghost.”

Ryan tells a story about seeing a ghost for the first time.

Micro Story #2 | “Don’t drive while on these pills.”

Ryan’s brother Nick tells a story about driving Ryan home from the movies.

Ep. 14 | The Cinema Series #4: “I need Google Maps to get out of this movie theater.”

Kollin tells a story about a frightening movie theater experience.

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